How to Find Your Internet Explorer Version (IE version)

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    Open Internet Explorer

    Open your internet explorer (IE browser). You will either have a shortcut on your desktop or select Start, Programs, Internet Explorer. In the sample picture you see the browser open to LinkedIn.
    Note: To check your current IE you do not have to be connected to internet.

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    Help on Toolbar Menu

    Click (left click once) on the toolbar menu “Help”. (Top right end of menu) See picture.

    Note:(In these pictures there is a newer version of IE, so these screens may look slightly different, however functionality here is the same)

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    About Internet Explorer

    Scroll down the drop down menu of Help, to About Internet Explorer (left click once).
    A screen will pop up with the Internet Explorer information. In the picture you see the version is 7.0.6001.18000 Or (IE version 7.0)

  4. Write down your version number, and if you have any version updates which will be shown on this screen. Example shows no version updates.

    Click Okay (left click) and you are done!

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