Advantages of Far Infrared Sauna

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As you may have noticed by now, far infrared saunas have started replacing the older steam saunas. In particular, the new buyers with enough consciousness these days opt for far infrared saunas (FIR saunas) over the conventional steam saunas.

So the rather obvious question in your mind would be on are the possible advantages of the FIR sauna that are promoting people to buy the new technology-driven luxury sauna instead of the long-time steam tradition. Here are some of the answers for you.

A steam sauna makes you hot to make you sweat. You are often uncomfortable at the 180 degrees Fahrenheit boiling room. Yet, you bear the pain in hope of a long term comfort and health gain. You come out fresh of the steam sauna, with a great feeling in your mind about having done it, without realizing that you had a more comfortable option that gives you more health benefits at the same time. And in the long term, the steam sauna is infamous for causing water-related joint problems in the old age. In addition, you need a large room and a lot of heat to get your sauna session.

A far infrared sauna scores above and beyond the steam sauna in virtually every respect.

  1. You would sweat and yet avoid the room from getting heated. The infrared rays can generate a high heat as your body perceives even at a low temperature, which sounds almost too good to be true. This takes away all the high temperature related awkward feelings that you would face in a steam sauna.
  2. The infrared rays, a friendly invisible red light, go deep inside your skin (up to a depth of 2-3 inches) and provide you with a much-desired muscle relaxation.
  3. The FIR sauna provides you with detoxification caused by improved metabolism. The toxic cells of your body are released through the sweat and are also carried to your urine.
  4. The quality of your blood and skin improves. Your inner glow becomes radiant even outside, making you look more beautiful.
  5. The far infrared sauna helps you get rid of your joint pain in the longer run. The soft heating produced by the infrared light is great in this respect.
  6. The size of a far infrared sauna is much more manageable and the heating is almost instant on your body (unlike a steam generation phase in a conventional sauna).

As you see, the advantages of a far infrared sauna are too many when compared to the conventional steam sauna. Does it still surprise you that people these days go for far infrared sauna instead of conventional ones?

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