Is blogging at length right?

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Is blogging at length right?

Blogging, I feel, is a short piece of writing. Sometimes, when you write a short story, it becomes a lengthy piece of work.Even then, you should not forget that a blog is a blog and not a lengthy article.My intention is not to hurt those bloggers who dwell on in a lengthy way of blogging.

While genres of writing can be generally categorized into Fiction and Non-fiction, the Fiction category includes poem, short story and novel etc, the Non-fiction category includes articles, columns and tabloids etc.

If you believe in different genres of writing then you must believe that each genre of writing has its own characteristics. For example a short story is very short containing only a single theme or main idea with only a few characters in it, a novel is a lengthy piece of writing having so many characters containing different episodes.

Similarly, a blog has got its own characteristics. Generally it is short and fits into both fiction and non-fiction categories. At times, it is lengthy when you write a short story in a conversational style.When it is written in a descriptive or narrative style, then you should take care of its length.

But sometimes even the most experienced people, if you call them bloggers, blog at length with an utter disregard for its characteristics. Perhaps, they want to confine themselves with the nomenclature of a ‘blogger’ only and do not want to cross over beyond that.

Nowadays blogs are used by popular personalities including cine stars as an interactive medium.Blogging is also used for web site reviews, product and service reviews, movie and book reviews and as personal anecdotes etc.But those who believe in their writing ability and different genres of writing should confine their blogs between 300 to 500 words which is considered an ideal way of blogging.


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