America – Still The Christian Nation It Started Out To Be?

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I have talked with many people who say what a great country this is, how good the people are.  And they all say “God Bless America”   Yes, this was a great nation at one time, maybe a hundred years ago or so.   But now?    

Let’s see…..let me count the ways.   We started taking God out of the schools about 30 or 40 years ago…and we said we were ok with that.   When that happened, our moral society started to decline; still we said we were ok with it.  Most Bible classes that were going on in the 50’s and 60’s were OFF of school property to begin with.  I do not know of one single child who was hurt or maimed because they went to Bible class every week.  Now, they are trying to get God out of our lives completely.

We have every drug in the world at our fingertips….legal AND illegal.  Most are just as easy to get as going to the Dr’s.  Most illegal drugs can be had at your nearest street corner or at the neighborhood block party.

They say sex sells.  It must be true, because at most every corner in a major city, you can find prostitutes of both sexes selling their ‘wares’.   And nobody bats an eye.  The hookers standing on the corner have blended into the busy city scenery.  

We lost the respect for life.  We kill thousands of little people without benefit of trial and jury, just because they tried to be born.   We forgot the meaning of marriage and family.  We have grown into this silly notion that marriage is anything but man-woman.  We have taken the right of freedom to mean that people can dance and parade in the streets half-naked while holding hands of the same sex with their eyes saying “I dare you to say something”  

And our churches…. The one place you would think God still lives, is being drowned out there too.  Most churches nowadays teach a watered-down version of what they think is in the Bible.  The old hymns are gone, replaced by a rock and roll, feel-good music that even the early rockers would love.  They teach what was, who is who in the Bible…..not what is, and what is to come.  They try all kinds of gimmicks to get the seats filled on a Sunday morning; even free beer on Dad’s special day.  (click here for that story!)

There are a dozen other reasons I could name as to why America should not be blessed.   We’ve allowed so much erosion into our society  that most people don’t remember how this country used to be, or they just don’t care anymore.  We have spit in the very face of God, and we still expect a blessing.

Now you tell me, how can we still expect God to bless America, when we have all this going on in our country?


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