Breast Feeding And Positioning

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For first time mothers, breast feeding don’t seem to be learned as most women believe that it comes naturally when giving birth. Most women do not realize that proper position is necessary to ensure that one is not injured and that the baby gets as much nourishment. Anytime the mother feels uncomfortable with one position it affects the feeding of the baby and most of the time feeding duration would vary. It is then important for mothers to be comfortable and at the same time learn different positions.

Although some women find it difficult for the first time there are several positions where they can be more comfortable with.

The following positions can be used:

1.  Erect – The sitting or standing position of the mother where
the back is straight. This is good for mobility and allows the mother to multi-task.

2.  Inclined – This is when the mother is lying on her back about 120 to 140 degrees and is best for those who undergone caesarean operation.

3.  On side position – Both lie together on their sides while breast feeding the baby.

4.  Hands and knees – In this feeding position the mother is on all fours with the baby underneath her.  Keep in mind, this position isn’t normally recommended.

Each position is different. Mothers may find other positions that they are comfortable with. All you need to do is try on different positions and see which is best for you. Keep in mind that some positions that aren’t listed isn’t normally recommended like positioning the baby underneath as the mother kneels.


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