How to profit using BookCoverPro software to create your best book cover

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Hiring a designer these days is so expensive compare to the cost you will pay to edit your manuscript. And no designer will be willing to give you the complete designed cover unless you pay up your charges.

If you have contract with traditional publisher, please just wave aside this article. It is for writers who are willing to embark on the publishing journey by themselves.

So what can you do to solve the problem of creating your quality cover? I have a clean solution for you! BookCoverPro is the answer! Haven’t heard about this? Don’t worry; it is book cover software that when used properly gives you quality designed cover. Let’s explore!

1)      You need to buy the software. Go to the main site;

It’s not costly like the charges a designer will heap on you. It’s only $187 for instant download and $196 for instant download plus CD.

2)      It has easy steps-by-steps instructions on how to use it. Once you have it installed, DOUBLE CLICK to open it. A MINI WINDOW will open.

3)      Click on NEW in the MINI WINDOW to open the bigger cover viewer. It is this bigger window that will help you to see your cover and work on it.

4)      In the MINI WINDOW are the several options such as IMAGE button, TEXT add button, BAR button, ISBN generate button, MENU button, GENERATE AS button, PROPERTIES button and many more.

5)      CLICK on IMAGE to have your PC image directory open. CHOOSE the image you want. You will find the several options beneath in this MINI WINDOW to edit your image, to change size, to remove (delete) the image, to move it up or backward.

6)      You can CLICK the OPEN button besides the NEW button to open the BookCoverPro templates and then choose from there to create your cover.

7)      USE the TEXT button to input your title and whatever text you desire to include in the page. Use the BACKGROUND button to change the background colour of your cover page. To do this, click CHOOSE button in front of the text called BACKGROUND and a tiny colour palette will open for you to choose the colour you want.

8)      To MOVE the IMAGE or TEXT or whatever you insert in your cover, you will need to PLACE your CURSOR on each. AS you place your CURSOR, the HIGHLIGHT box will be green on the four sides. CLICK it deeper and it will turn to RED. Once it is red, you can adjust it and move it wherever you want.

9)      Use the SAVE button to save it where you want OR CLICK the MENU button on the main bar of the MINI WINDOW. There you will see SAVE and SAVE AS, which give you options to save your cover as you want.

10)   The ISBN button is to generate your ISBN on the cover. You MUST have purchase your ISBN before you click this button. It will ask you to add the 10 or 13 numbers without hyphens. And below it is the PRICE box, which you will be ask to ADD the 5 numbers (This is your price for the book follow by some digits) Once you are done, Click APPLY button.

11)   To convert your cover to PDF, CLICK on GENERATE AS. You will find it on the MINI WINDOW.  Windows will pop-up having the ‘file type’ as PDF.  Just type in the name for your cover or choose any directory you wish to save it to and click SAVE. That’s it!

All you need is your sense of creativity and patient. Before long you will be having a promising book cover created by you!


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