Build Your Value In Her Eyes Instantly

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If you want to appeal to a women , you have to build your value in her eyes instantly.

Use your body. This is a fact that almost every woman makes sense of , but men do not. Also try talking to other women , as this will show your worthiness to females. If you do , trust me it will be worth it.

You can be the guy every woman wants but before you even open your mouth , she has to see you as a man worth getting to know. When you do , flash a smile , and then look away.

How is this done? put simply , you have to show her that other women are drawn to you. Over 90% of communication is relayed non-verbally , or through body language. She’ll get the message.

If you find her close to you , lightly touch her arm to stress a point in the conversation. They get overwhelmed with various tips and techniques , only to throw in the towel due to frustration. You may think this would deter other women from you , but it does the exact opposite. This can be accomplished by coming to the club with a female friend. Establish your value.

Just know how to establish yourself via body language and social proof. Most men find attracting women to be a terribly complicated subject. So how do you use your body to indicate desire? start with the eyes , and connect them to hers. Not so much.

Let’s start by asking a simple question: how can you expect a girl to be blown away by what they see and hear if you’re not blown away yourself? Your first impression is by far the most important one, so you should make it count by looking confident and that you believe in yourself. Use a few jokes when you talk to her, but be sure it isn’t the type of humor that is making fun of her or someone else. Sometimes it is alright to make fun of yourself, but save the poking fun of her for a forth or fifth date.


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