Organic Dog Toys, Safe and Eco-Friendly

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You may feel you spend a fortune on dog toys because they are ripped to shreds minutes after your dog receives his brand new toy.  So, why should you spend even more money buying organic toys?  Simply because it’s better for your dogs health and better for the environment.  Think about it, as your dog tears apart his toys, some of those particles and fabrics end up in his stomach.  This can’t be good for him if his toys are made with chemicals, pesticides and unsafe dyes. 

Make it a goal to buy organic, non-toxic toys for your dog and have a clear conscience about what he is ingesting.  Below I have listed three different websites that specialize in organic products and I have also highlighted some of the more unusual yet useful toys.

Purrfect Play carries organic wool balls that come in five different sizes.  These wool balls are washable and come without squeakers, could a dog toy get any more perfect?  The price of the wool balls do differ considering the size; however, Purrfect Play does sell wool balls that don’t meet their standards for about half price.  This does not mean they are not safe, most likely they are lumpy or possibly not as durable.  If you dog goes through toys like he goes through his dog food; you may want to consider purchasing the half price product to save some money.

Only Natural Pet has an abundance of dog toys ranging from tennis balls to plush and hemp toys.  Their Simply Fido Hemp Squeak Dog Toys are adorable and made of organic fibers and all-natural dyes.  Not only are these toys environmentally friendly, they are also safe for your dog to chew.

This website also has adorable Simply Fido Organic Plush Blankets.  Cuddle up with your pet in this comfy, soft blanket made of organic fibers and all-natural dyes.  The blankets are affordable and come in two different characters: Lolly the Lamb and Oscar the Monkey.

The Orbee-Tuff Old Soul Bone is an all-natural chewing bone made for senior dogs whose chewing strength has deteriorated over the years.  This product is 100% recyclable as well as non-toxic and safe for your dog to chew. 

Ready to play fetch?  Try the Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Zoom Flyer.  The Zoom Flyer has a strong, stiff middle core for smooth sailing, and a softer outer rim for easy catching.  This product is as well, 100% recyclable and non-toxic.


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