Windows Registry Problem

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“My computer runs much slower than when you first bought it”

“My computer and Internet are very slow”

“My computer keeps crashing at critical times”

“I can not remove these programs from my computer”

“It worked yesterday, but it won’t work today”

“It worked until I added this software/hardware, and now I can’t use it.”

“My system doesn’t work the way it used to.”

“When I try to shut down the computer, it just keeps beeping and beeping.”

“My computer won’t start up.”

Other registry errors include:

* Windows performance is lagging and slow to respond.

* Incorrect software locations including missing, broken or bad application paths, and links

* Unwanted browser objects

* PC doesn’t shutdown correctly

* PC doesn’t startup correctly

* Corrupt Active X/COM Objects

* Unused, obsolete Start Menu items

* Redundant Startup applications and uninstalled application schedulers

* Orphaned shortcuts, temporary (.tmp) files and Scandisk or Checkdisk fragment (.chk) files

* Missing or corrupt application IDs

* Obsolete shared DLLs and folders

* Unused help file references

* Residual and unused files

* Uninstalled software remnants

* Unused and unwanted drivers

* File extensions and associations

* Invalid fonts and recent files list entries

The most common ways the Registry gets corrupted are:

* Applications and drivers are added to the system

* Hardware changes or upgrade

* Regular adding and removing programs

* Users make changes to the Registry


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