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The newspapers are full of Barbados’ immigration problem these days it would seem. It is said that the immigration officers are handling those to be deported in an inhumane manner. The same thing has been said for the St. Martin immigration officers.

One has to ask why, because things do not happen in a vacuum. This is a situation that has happened on this island. The police stop a bus that has for instance, thirty people on board. Of these thirty people some ten may be illegal. There are two policemen to check the bus. Honestly, tell me what you think is going to happen. The illegals run away. And two people cannot chase ten, who run in all different directions.

Of course the policemen will be angry; of course they will be handled differently. I have been on buses that were stopped by immigration officers of both sides of the island. At soon as the bus is stopped I remove my ID from my handbag, and hold it in my hand. So far the only thing I have ever heard from one of those police officers, is good morning or good afternoon, depending on the time of day.

Again, Barbados and Jamaica and Guyana, the two countries with the most complaints, are many times bigger than Barbados. In other words, Caricom or not, Barbados cannot accommodate them all. Barbados is one of the small islands. Whether they are called our Caribbean brothers and sisters, or Caricom member nationals, that remain a fact. The small islands have reached saturation point. How do we respond? What can we do? Why is it not possible for the natives of those big islands and regions to call their governments to task? If those countries are not straightened out by their own people, what will become of them?

Again, I ask, why inhumane deportation? Maybe because of circumstances caused by those who are illegally in the country? One is fully aware whether one has entered or remained in a country illegally. Even if one had papers and could not renew them for whatever reason, one is aware of the fact.

Most illegals tell us here on Saint Marten how much better their country is. Then why is it that they do not want to at least return home until they can get their papers fixed? And most important of all, what can be done about it?


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