Bittorrent and how to use it

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Bittorrent is a method of downloading movies and data off the internet. There are several websites through which you can download files through this system.

There are several terms that you should know about bittorrent:

Seeds: These are people who have already downloaded the file and are uploading the file to you. The higher this number, the faster your Downloads will be.

Note: Seeds may be indicated by an upwards arrow or green color.

Leechers: These are the people who are currently downloading the file. If there are very few seeds and many leechers then your download speed will not be very high until the leechers turn into seeds.

Note: Leechers may be indicated by a downwards arrow or red color.

How it works

Sites give you a torrent file for your download. This is of a very small size usually in less than 100kb. You open this file with your preferred application to download the files inside the torrent. There are several applications that you can se. You can download the official Bittorrent application from or you can use others like Azureus, UTorrent, Limewire etc.

Once you install your preferred app and add a torrent to it by drag and drop or by open torrent it will ask you where to save the file. You can choose the folder and also make it your default preference. Your download will start and your download speed will be mentioned in it and the Estimated Time Remaining (ETA). Once the downloading is complete seeding will start and it is ethical to seed to a ratio of at least 1.1. You can download several movies from legally and remember that if you download torrents that contain copyrighted material you are breaking the law.

How is it better than direct download?

It has a much faster speed as you may be downloading from hundreds of people instead of one server. With that you can continue your downloads whenever you want so you are at an advantage with much larger files because in direct download if your computer hangs or your internet fails you have to restart the download and you can pause and resume downloads and prioritise your special downloads if you are downloading more than one torrents at the same time.


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