How to avoid becoming an internet addict!

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When you become an internet addict, you lose your time and self-consciousness; your eyesight goes awry; you become obese with a pot belly; in short you lose your health. You should realize that establishing as an online businessman or earning a good income is to improve your status or your lifestyle, but not by losing your health.

Therefore, you should necessarily bear in mind and make it a policy that in the process of becoming a successful online business man or a writer, you should carefully follow certain methods so as to avoid becoming an internet addict.

1)You should work with a horse sense and methodically so as to avoid repetitive or overlapping of your works.

2)Whether it be business or writing an article, it is always good to take preparatory steps or prepare an outline, before surfing the internet.

3)You should never write an article while using or surfing the online and post it in a web site. Instead, writing an article using MS Word and creating a separate file will always good.Then Copying and pasting your article in the online in a particular web site will save your time and prevent you from becoming an addict.

4)You should have the habit of book marking the sites which you frequently surf while using the internet; it would not only help you to avoid using internet for longtime but also enable you to have access to your sites instantly.

5)While referring internet library instead of spending a considerable time for reference and reading the materials in the online, it is always good to copy the relevant materials in separate folders and files and take your own time to read the reference materials, when you are not surfing.

6)When you have the necessity of downloading any e-book in the online through internet, it is always good to have them saved in your computer, if need be on the desktop and refer them as and when required. It saves your online surfing time considerably.

7)When you are using internet for reference purpose, it is always good to avoid spending long and continuous hours; instead, you should make it a policy that while surfing the internet, for every one hour, you should take rest for at least half an hour; it would not only save you from becoming an internet addict but also save your health and eye power.

8)When you are using internet for online business or writing articles in addition to your regular employment or profession, when you become an internet addict, there is every possibility that you may neglect your profession or regular employment, in the result ruining both of your career and the online business. Therefore, you should have a sense of proportion and balance of mind so that your career may not get spoiled at the cost of online business.

Therefore, paying equal attention to both of your online business and your career, will enable you to simultaneously sail in both boats safely and successfully.

For example, if you are a doctor or lawyer by profession, your regular hours of practice as a doctor or a lawyer should never be disturbed and you can only use your spare time or leisure time for your online activities.

9)If you have established as an online business man or a writer and your earnings far exceed than your regular profession or career, then it is advisable to give up your career preferring online business.

10) If you are a successful doctor or a lawyer and you cannot leave your profession, it is well and good, you can use your niche or professional knowledge in your online business and thereby supplement your professional income and knowledge.

11) Above all, when you are using internet for your online business or to fulfill your passion for writing and simultaneously you are in a regular employment or profession, it is always good to have a periodical self-analysis to assess yourself to find out where you actually stand;

Once you are convinced that you are more established in your profession or in your regular employment, you should make using the internet as a secondary habit.

Therefore, following the above tips in right earnest will help you from becoming an internet addict. Otherwise, you are at your own peril.


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