Urinary Incontinence in Women – Natural Solutions

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Urinary incontinence is caused by uncontrollable spasms that occur inside the bladder. These attacks are often uncontrollable and sudden. You may be concerned about having to sit through long business functions, romantic activities, or crowded social situations.  Many people who struggle with this problem may try to avoid situations where they are in closet contact with other people. This can cause problems because we almost have to come into some type of interaction with others on a daily basis.

Urinary incontinence treatments in women are not as simple as taking a pill. Here are some ideas to help stop you manage the problems associated with an uncontrollable bladder.

Go to the bathroom each day on a set schedule. Let water and o ther non carbonated beverages be your main drinks of choice.

Practice vaginal weight exercises. These exercises are done each day with weighted balls. The pelvic
floor muscles can be strengthened with continued practice.

Do kegel exercises during the day. These exercises can be done while at work, home, or during your long commute. The wonderful thing about kegels isi that no one can see what you are doing. This si a great way to use time that is being spent doing something else that is not very productive.

Prepare yourself for female incontinence problems by wearing incontinence garments as added protection. In the event you do not make it to the bathrrom your garments are protected, and you can immediately continue your activities after leaving the bathroom. Use these tipst to help battle womens problems associated with urinary incontinence.


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