How to Create an Email Account Using Windows Mail or Outlook Express

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Windows Mail and it’s predecessor Outlook Express are free email clients that come with Windows. Windows Mail comes with Windows Vista, and different versions of Outlook Express come with Windows 95, 98, Millennium and Windows XP.

Here are the steps to create an account in Windows Mail and Outlook Express. The steps are the same for both programs.

First open your email client, either Outlook Express or Windows Mail. This can be done by clicking on the Windows Circle if you are using Windows Vista or the Start button if you are using Windows XP or older. Both are found on the bottom left corner of your screen. After clicking on Start or the circle, go to Outlook Express or Windows Mail listed under Programs.

Your mail program will open. Now click on Tools on the top left of the mail window and click on Accounts as shown here:


This will open an accounts window asking what kind of account you which to create. In this case you want to create an email account, so click on email account and then click on Next on the bottom right.


Here please click on the Add button. It’s location is shown in the graphic below.


This will open a third smaller window asking for your Display name. It looks like this:


You can add anything you like into this box. This is what people will see in the “from” box when you send them an email. Once you have entered your display name click on the next button on the bottom right.  This will bring you to the next step, asking for your email server settings.


Here’s where you are going to need a little help from your internet service provider. They will need to provide you with their server names and what kind of server they are using, pop3, imap or http. Most services use pop3, but check with your service provider to make sure. Then choose the proper option in the drop down list. Now add in your incoming and outgoing server names. These names will also be provided by your service provider. Once you have all the fields filled out hit Next again.

You’re almost done now. The next step is to add your email address and password. If you are unsure what these are then your internet service provider will be able to tell you that too.


Once you have both these boxes filled out hit Next again. Then hit Finish in the next screen. You have now completed creating your account. Close all the remaining windows and open up your email program again. If you are still having issues getting your email, you will want to click on Tools and go back to Accounts. First select any accounts that show in the box to the left and hit remove on the right, continue this process until all accounts are gone. Once there are no more accounts showing in this window, follow the steps provided to create the account once more, paying strict attention to your spelling. If upon completion a second time you still can’t recieve mail you will want to contact your internet service provider for further assistance.


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