Essay: Hate

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We dislike or despise something or somebody very deeply, it denotes that we hate him or her or we hate something or somebody.

Generally When we discourage ‘hate’ language that spreads enmity or promotes disharmony among people of different races, languages, religions and castes and it is the proclaimed policy of every web site on the internet, whatever may be the object or purpose of the web site.

But sometimes we hate something when we have a strong aversion or dislike for it. Perhaps we are disgusted about something or even at the very sight of it, we are mentally disturbed or a shock wave creeps in us. The very sight of a cockroach or a millipede or a centipede or a strange looking insect or a creature may instill hatred in us, which is a kind of phobia. But they are general in nature and not directed against anything or anyone personally.

When we proceed to analyze what might be the reasons when a person hates another person in particular or somebody else in general, we arrive at both general and personal reasons. When you are a proclaimed terrorist, people hate you for your policies and terrorist activities. Suppose you are an idealist and wants everything to be done in an ideal way, you may hate people who care a fig for idealism. In other words when you say that means justify the end but when somebody else say that end justifies the means, you differ with them and so hate them.To put it in other words, you cherish values like truth, fairness, morality and straightforwardness and the people you hate have utter disregard for all these principles. Therefore, differences in the way of living, essentially constitutes differences among the people and it creates a deep sense of hatred among the people.

Similarly, we hate people who are convicted criminals for their misdemeanors. We hate habitual offenders like murderers, thieves and robbers, for what they have committed called crimes which are opposed to public policy and law. But in all the above mentioned cases our hatred is generally directed against those persons who have committed crimes and not directed against any particular individual.

In our personal life, sometimes we hate people due to personal reasons. Here the source of hatred is perhaps mere jealousy, business rivalry, professional enmity, personal rivalry etc. Sometimes people hate their neighbours, just because they live in luxury, they are more rich, they try to dominate you by virtue of their money or muzzle power.Business rivalry sometimes becomes rampant to promote hatred between rival groups, eventhough they may not be directly responsible for their decline in business.In other words, when you promote your business through your better marketing techniques, efficient management, naturally your business picks up and your competitor declines in his business and even his profits gets considerably reduced. Naturally, this business rivalry leads to hatred.

In the same manner when professionals like lawyers and doctors excel in their profession by virtue of their hard work and their brilliance, what actually develops as a healthy competition sometimes lead to personal rivalry and hatred.

Personal hatred is the worst kind of hatred. It sometimes develops when you are so young. When your close friend or your brother or sister excels in studies and you can not achieve it and get accolades from your teachers or elders, you naturally develop a hatred towards the concerned persons. In villages, some dynamic personalities will always try to dominate over others by virtue of their money power and capacity to influence others. Rival groups of people, who strive for dominance and wealth, naturally will develop a hatred and enmity towards the successful people.

Step motherly treatment and the injustice meted out to you when you are so young, by your own relatives or step mothers or step fathers will also create a deep sense of hatred in you from your childhood days.

Even among the countries at the international level, invasions of smaller countries and their occupation by the larger countries, provoked hatred from the smaller countries and it even prompted other countries to form alliances to check the dominance and growing influence of bigger powers. Invasion of a smaller country by one of the big European country triggered the first world war. Facism, Nazism and militarism etc combined together to begin yet another world war, in the year 1945. Even in the 20 th and 21 st century, on the pretext of assuming world leadership coupled with isms like ‘capitalism’ and ‘socialism’ or ‘communism’ etc, we have seen the larger countries crushed the smaller countries to assert their dominance. In the result smaller countries naturally develop a hatred towards the bigger powers.

Though we strive our best to live in harmony without developing any hatred upon our own brothers and sisters, still the social inequalities and other social, political and economic factors that exist among us constantly goad us to develop hatred against those who try to dominate us and in fact we are living only with a love and hate relationship, whether we like it or not.


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