7 Useful Tips for the Freshers of IT Sector

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Recession has badly affected western countries, mainly US and hence other countries are affected somewhat. However, India has still not faced recession, per se. It is more like economic slowdown. Now, the sectors affected most by this recession is the export dependent sectors, like IT sectors which provide services or products that are considered for luxury, like Automobile industry, High end electronics products, Airlines etc. and of course, the financial sector. However, the impact is not so grave in other sectors like, Pharmaceuticals, Government Services, Power, Defence, etc. So here are seven very useful tips for the freshers of IT sector:

  1. IT industries have now started focusing on local government projects in order to cope up with the decreasing demand of IT exports. They are also focusing on cost-cutting as a consequence of which some big companies are seeking freshers and less experienced people. So while the fall of the financial sector is a bad news for IT, government projects and Indian projects provide some respite for the freshers.
  2. In these tough times, if any fresher fails to land up a job, the best option is to start some training courses learning more new things and thus increasing saleability.
  3. They can also apply for jobs in public sector (even though IT openings are less there) specially the unaffected sectors as have been mentioned above.
  4. This is a time when they can dedicate their time in fulfilling their academic ambitions which sometimes get crushed because of the lack of time and less interest in returning back to a no-earning life.
  5. It is very important to be on the lookout for jobs always as surprise openings come up often and have a resume that stands out (certifications will be of great help). It must be remembered that in these difficult times, lesser package can be expected for a more challenging post.
  6. Again, even in these difficult times, there are some areas of IT which are less affected, like Database administration, server maintenance, data security analysis, Application support related work and so on. So appropriate training and knowledge in these can be of great help.
  7. Last but not the least, I must ask the candidates to reach out to the alumni of their college and seek their help and guidance. Sometimes it comes out to be very helpful.

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