Acai Berry ( Calorires, Proteins) – Nutriton Facts And Health Benefits

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Acai berry is a small purplish fruit, it comes from acai palm trees. It is an extraordinary fragile fruit, these berries are harvested from Brazilian rural communities.

Acai berry benefits will be differ from one person to other. Having richest source of antioxidants, it helps a lot in combat in premature aging and it can help to reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases.

Natural fibers of acai berry promote a good and healthy digestive system. Scientific research has proved that fibers help a lot in reducing the risk of developing colon cancers. After a few weeks of using Acai berry, digestion starts working in perfect condition. If the digestion works fine, most the risks related to colon is minimized a lot.

Vegetable proteins found in Acai berry do not generate cholesterol while the food is being digested by the system. The carbohydrate combination of Acai berry is very beneficial for high energy levels and stamina.

The Acai berry contains large amounts of the fatty acids and omega oils needed to lower cholesterol levels. It also contains unsaturated lipids and is rich in carbs, which improves energy and strength, especially for those who work out.

Acai berry supplements are highly beneficial for weight loss and anti aging effects. There are people who have tried almost every weight loss formula but have not been able to maintain the fitness level after its consumption is stopped.

In water loss treatment, body is starved of essential nutrients whereas in Acai berry supplement ,body gets all the nutrients despite the cravings for junk food is reduced. As the speed of weight loss is highly dependent upon the combination of diets and exercise, one must take care to combine the acai berry diet plan with a suitable exercise plan.

The overall effect of Acai berry on your health is visible your looks and high stamina. Not only do you feel more energetic all day long but also your looks and positive attitude towards life is completely changed after you start taking acai berry on regular basis.

So having more health benefits this is considered as a super food. Eat twice a day, you will not get health disorders, you will stay healthy and stamina.

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