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When children open their mouths, they can talk most adults’ ears off. But just because they speak words continously at a mile-a-minute speed, it doesn’t mean they know what they’re saying. Vocabulary is one thing, but comprehending words is something else altogether. A child should be able to attach meaning to the words he knows  and says to have truly useful vocabulary.

The first words he learns may not necessarily be the words he speaks. In one of the studies made by foreign doctors, your child actually understands more of what is said to him before he even utters his firs words. They say that at the earliest stage, when other means of teaching vocabulary like reading and playing are still a few months away, simply speaking to your child begins this process of developing his vocabulary.

As a mother, I suggest that to start your child’s vocabulary is to TALK TO YOUR CHILD STARTING FROM THE WOMB so he develops a receptiveness to language.


There are three critical ways to help your child develop his vocabulary. These are by TALKING, READING AND INTERACTIVE CONVERSATION AND PLAY.

While reading aloud to your child, ask him to point different objects on the page.Shift roles once in a while and have your child “read” to you as well.

Reading to your child every day, and surrounding him with books is adviseable to help your child expand his vocabulary.


Story telling can also be an avenue for your child’s creativity. Children enjoy story telling, anyways. Role- playing also gives your child the chance to expand his vocabulary by allowing him to be different people.


So there you go, some tips for your smart parenting!

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