Write Articles Consistently to Write Better Articles and More Articles!

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A successful writer is always on the quest to writer better articles. Many successful writers are those who have written more and more articles in their niches or knowledge domains. You too can do this. All you have to do is to write articles consistently and keep writing articles.

I have been writing articles online for several websites and blogs for more than two and a half years. I had taken long breaks in between. Every time I took a break, I felt it was not the right career for me. And every time I resumed I found that I had learned new things to be a better writer.

You will Improve Fast as You Write Consistently

Finally I came to a stage where I have realized that to write better articles and to write more and more articles all you need to do is to consistently write articles. There are a lot of things that happen which improve the quality of your writing as you keep writing. Adding a conscious will to focus on your writing when you are writing will make this learning faster than ever.

You will Learn More Lessons

With every article you write there is a lesson to learn. That can be very simple and something extraordinary that you have found accidentally. It can create paradigm shifts. Or it is a small lesson but a technique you need to compulsorily apply every time you write. So make a commitment to note down a lesson from each article you write. This will go a long way.

You will Build Useful Habits

To write articles you would have already done a lot of study on a topic, worked in a discipline, researched, analyzed or read lot of books. These things too help you in various ways to not only your writing skills but also reading skills. Your will to write consistently will help you build powerful habits in a short period of time.

All these habits help you to learn more about the particular language you are writing in. They help you improve the grammar skills, learn spelling of new words or complex words. They also let you know various styles of writing and expression. All these improvements happen in your subconscious mind that makes you apply them automatically when you are writing articles next time.

You will Solve Problems

To write more articles you may also solve problems of yourself or others. You may study in depth about a topic that very few people know but you felt that to be important for everyone. This will build new skills your other areas of life. The quest for writing articles takes you on new journeys in life.

Ideas are Limited By Your Imagination

But still to write more articles you need to keep writing. Never think that you will be saturated out of ideas and will not be able to write after some point. That is not true. How much you can write and how farther you can go in a topic is only limited by your imagination and skills to find varieties in any niche.

You will Overcome Procrastination

By writing consistently you will also overcome the fear of writing as it takes considerable time of your life. When you build the habit of consistent writing it actually gives you pleasure and goes on auto-pilot every day. Even when you resist, initially writing down the title for the article will immediately bring all the momentum to complete the article.

You will Learn to Overcome Writer’s Block

The stumbling block for many writers is what is called as Writer’s block. It is generally referred to as a condition of not being able to write when you want to write and just staring at your desk for countless time without getting ideas. I don’t believe this is a condition or a disease. It simply happens because you are not prepared and do not think of getting ideas as an important and separate activity from writing itself.

When you write regularly you will always get ideas from the written articles. Sometimes they can be on the same topic or sometimes they can be on a new topic altogether different from your earlier articles.

You will also stop taking long breaks from writing because now it is a habit that cannot be broken easily. You may take occasional breaks for various reasons like going on a vacation, writing exams, studying new books or topics, researching a new domain etc. But you will surely comeback.

Get Obsessed to Write Articles!

One simple thing that I can tell you to do is to get obsessed with writing. You may be already having obsessions on different things in your life. It may be girls, television, books, computer games, chatting etc. Don’t you see that you will go for these things automatically everyday even though you know that they can take away big deal of your time. That is the power of obsession.

When you want to write articles even in your dreams, you can think that you are on the path to a successful writing career. So start now and build the habit of writing consistently to write better articles and more and more articles!

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