Do You Write Complete or Incomplete Articles?

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You need to ask this question to yourself if your writing is not showing progress in your life. Writing complete articles is important to both you as the writer and also your reader. Here are the reasons why you write incomplete articles and why you should write complete articles.

In my several years of searching the online world and wandering through many sites, articles and blogs, I have found one prominent behavior in almost every novice writer. Many article writers just don’t write a complete article that makes the reader feel fulfilled.

Why Some People Write Incomplete Articles?

Ask these questions to yourself: Do I write complete articles or incomplete ones? What stops me from finishing the article till I feel it is complete? Why do I end up writing incomplete?

The reasons for writing incomplete articles are pretty simple. I too found this behavior in my own writing. I had to learn it the hard way to not do that way.

Word Count Limit

Some writers mentally put a limit on the word count of their articles. Instead of following their thought flow to wherever it goes, they consciously constrain it by checking the word count. It may be needed for several reasons. Some sites may not allow more than a limit and also less than a limit. This makes the writer feel like go and publish immediately after crossing the minimum word limit.

Time Limit

Some writers put a time limit on their writing. This is not really a good habit. In your quest to be more productive you may plan to write more articles out of your available time but it is not a good way to go in the long term writing career. It is not the total count of your articles that counts but the count of best performing articles in your article collection that really make a difference for you.

Regretting for Too much Time

Sometimes writing bigger articles is fun but sometimes it will make you regret for spending too much of time on a single article, when you could have written more in the same time. Yes this is true. Hence you need to also decide ahead on the type of articles you should be writing more often. Limit the highly researched and time taking articles to once in a while so that you will write such articles that can help you in one way and also write articles in a short time but still complete.

To know whether you wrote a complete article or an incomplete one, you should note the feeling that is there in the back of your mind when you re-read your article later or just after finishing that article. It is easy to detect. Especially it is easy to find it in your articles because you know the topic well.

Advantages of Writing Complete

The advantages of writing complete articles lie in their long term potential to bring success to the writer. When you write an article that is complete in its specific topic, it easily makes the reader feel fulfilled with the newly acquired information. The reader will appreciate the time for reading the article and may consider subscribing to more of your articles or your blog. He/she may also take the time to write a comment. You can also find that this comment is very motivating.

A complete article does not mean you should write huge lengths on a topic. It means that your article should be very specific on a topic and its title should immediately suggest that. You shouldn’t write a paragraph in a title to indicate the specific nature of the topic. As your writing experience grows you will be able to easily find the best as well as short title that fits your topic.

You could be writing an article containing only one idea or you could be sharing several points in a single article. But for each of them you can give enough information within the scope of your overall topic of the article. Try to focus on each point from the perspective of the title. Then it becomes pretty easy to focus on that.

Don’t go write a book instead of an article. Even when writing a book you need to separate them into chapters. Often those chapters, though different, will explain the topic using same basic points in all of the chapters.

Your complete articles also need not be too big but only as much as you feel satisfied in delivering your intended idea completely. You can always writer more articles to go further into each of the sub-topics. The reader when appreciates the completeness of the article will most likely try to check for more.

There is also a benefit from the search engines’ point of view. Though your article attracts searches looking for the relevant topic, sometimes they do come to your site looking for less relevant topics. This is because your article will also contain more information and more keywords via sub-topics. There are a lot of online audience who search deep into the web because they think the first search results are not really the best but they are coming first because of their page rank value in the eyes of search engines!

You can Avoid Writer’s Block

If you do not write complete articles, your incomplete articles will someday land you in what is popularly called as Writer’s block. This is one of the reasons for that particular behavior of many aspiring writers.

Knowing these reasons and benefits will help craft your best articles of all time even if it means you will write lesser than what you would have written. Don’t worry. With little more research you will find out that sticking to your niches and touch typing will make you write as many articles as you really wanted to write. And you can still write complete articles.

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