Michael Phelps

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Michael Phelps

         Stroke. Breath. Stroke. That’s the typical life of Michael Phelps. This athletic swimmer competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. He broke the record for most gold medals with eight. Wow, that’s a lot. For him though, it wasn’t just fun and games. His ordinary day consisted of maintaining a healthy life style, building a brawny physique, and remaining focused. It may seem easy, but it is harder then most people think.

         In order to achieve victory, Michael Phelps has to keep up with a healthy life style. Average adults consume 3,000 calories a day. For Michael, that’s nothing. Due to his intense training, Michael consumes up to four times that amount. The weird thing is that he burns off more then that. Another style Michael keeps is being an early bird. In order to spend his day training, Michael rises early in the morning. For most people, that’s like turning into Super Man.

         Michael Phelps usually pushes himself to the limit. He forces himself into harsh physical training everyday just to stay in shape. In 2007, Michael Phelps broke his wrist. He still trained though. He swam with his legs only, probably being the factor that gave him the strength to win the seventh gold medal. Working out also keeps him lean. Swimmers can’t afford the extra fat.

Most people would moan at even the mention of this training.

         The most important thing for Michael is staying focused. At the age of 19, Michael got caught for driving drunk. He was sentenced to jail and later apologized to the nation for what he had done. Michael is all about being focused and pumped. Not only does he have to be ready physically, but emotionally as well.

         Well, that’s the typical day of Michael Phelps. Swimming is what he does best. What would the art of swimming be like without Michael?


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