Starting a Successful eCommerce Business

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If you’ve ever considered starting your own online business, you’ve probably wondered where you would get your inventory.  As a current ecommerce site owner, I can tell you that finding quality wholesale connections is by far the hardest part of starting your online business.  That includes building your site, setting up payment processing, promotion, selling, etc.  It’s the hardest part. 

When I first started out I spent months searching for good wholesalers.  I’d search every single day and at the end of a couple weeks I’d have a few scam sites and a few middle men.  The internet is full of these and if you try finding the good ones yourself you will be disappointed.  After all, if your margins are bad, you’re not going to make any money.

Salehoo is a site that provides a link between retailers and wholesalers. It’s a directory of wholesale suppliers that you can contact for all your ecommerce needs. The directory is huge and it’s updated very frequently. It’s also a worldwide directory so you can find wholesalers from nearly every continent.

Perhaps one of the most important features of the site is that members are allowed to give feedback, whether negative or positive, regarding dealings with either suppliers or retailers. You also receive tech support from experienced drop shippers and eBay sellers. Also included is a members forum which is packed with invaluable knowledge from other users’ experiences.

The membership fee for Salehoo is also tiny compared to what it offers.  Other wholesale directories charge outrageous fees, usually hundreds of dollars.  I have personally used several of them and found them to be mediocre at best.  The user generated reviews and content is what really makes it worth the price.

So what can you do with your directory of over 8000 prescreened and reviewed wholesalers?  You can start an ecommerce site using Zencart.  You can start an eBay business.  You can dropship products through Amazon.  The possibilities are huge, now that you’ve completed the first, and most important step.


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