How to Start a Successful Drop Shipping Business

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Have you ever considered starting your own online business but didn’t think you had enough money to pay for inventory?  This is a roadblock that stops many people from going for their goal of an online business.  Fortunately, dropshipping allows a merchant to sell products online without having to stock any inventory!  This has opened up the door for nearly anyone to start their own online business, including you.  This article will outline all the steps required to start your own dropshipping business.

The first step is obviously finding a product to sell.  When I first started out in dropshipping I spent months searching for good wholesalers.  I came across dozens of middle men, turnkey sites, and scammers.  The net is full of people who would just love to rip you off.  Choosing the right wholesaler is one of the most important decisions in starting your business.

Salehoo is a site that provides a link between retailers and wholesalers. It’s a huge directory of wholesale suppliers and dropshippers.  It’s updated frequently, and perhaps most importantly, it allows members to give feedback regarding dealings with suppliers. You also get support from experienced drop shippers and eBay sellers. On top of that you get a members forum which is packed with other users’ experiences.  It’s the best of the multiple directories I’m subscribed to.

Next you need to decide how you will sell your products.  If you know nothing about web design, you may want to start with eBay.  You can start an eBay business without much experience and they will handle the traffic and payment processing.  Amazon is another similar option as well.  Both of these stores are easy to build, but they charge higher fees to use their sites.

If you decide to build your own site, I recommend using a pre-built shopping cart solution like Zencart or Yahoo Merchant Solutions.  Both allow you to build an eCommerce site with minimal programming knowledge.  Yahoo Merchant Solutions starts at $39.95 a month and will handle your payment processing for you.  Zencart is a free open source shopping cart, but will require you to setup your own payment processing.  You can accept payment without monthly fees through PayPal or Google Checkout.  Alternatively you can get your own merchant account.

So there you have it, the basic steps to starting your own online dropshipping business.  If I had to stress one step it’s finding the right product.  Without quality products and a good profit margin, you won’t make it far.  Stick with a trusted resource and you will see success.  Check out Drop Shipping Reviews for a review of all the biggest wholesalers and drop shippers.


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