Understanding How Does Stress Affect Health

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Asking how does stress affect health is a top priority. Most of us may already be aware of the various studies that point to stress as a major factor in certain conditions. The question is whether there is any truth to the news that stress can be harmful to our health.

The truth is that researchers are still trying to determine the exact effects of stress. There are several studies that show a tentative but strong connection between stress and certain health problems. Some things are already certain though. Studies show for example that at the most, 90% of complaints in clinics are due to stress with 43% of people suffering badly from stress. The OSHA itself has said that stress is a major work hazard.

There are many possible health problems that could be due to stress. Here are only some of them:

– Heart disease isn’t just because of what you eat and drink. You could develop some form of heart disease if you are too stressed out. Heart disease develops gradually. Every time you experience stress, your heart rate and blood pressure increase. These can in turn strain your arteries which is where heart disease begins.

– How does stress affect health everyday? Stress actually impairs your immune system. Without this crucial system functioning well, you are likely to get sick with certain illnesses. Such common complaints as colds could affect you more often than usual. You could also become a constant victim of other common infections.

– Your weight can also become affected by stress. When under a lot of pressure, our bodies tend to consume our energy sources faster. These means you may feel the urge to refuel more and in greater amounts. This could lead to weight gain. On the other hand, stressed out individuals who do not have time to eat may loose a lot of weight and endanger their health further due to a lack of essential nutrients.

– You may have noticed that you may experience more stomach complaints when under stress. If you miss meals due to your preoccupation with stressful factors, then you could develop hyperacidity. Loose bowels are also a natural reaction to stress due to chemical reactions that cause the stomach to digest food improperly.

– Your body is not the only part that stress affects. Your mental and psychological states are also in danger. Stress naturally produces anxiety, worry and frustration. These could lead to the development of more serious psychological conditions such as depression.

– Naturally, stress can also cause insomnia. If you tend to worry over your concerns until way after the day is done, you could lose valuable sleep time. Sleep is a must have for everyone. If you can’t get enough of it, your body and its organs won’t get enough rest too. You end up performing poorly and feeling fatigued.

– Stress also translates to a variety of body problems that don’t seem to have any other clear cause. You could experience muscle aches, headaches, gum disease, hair loss and many more.

How does stress affect health? It is obvious that stress can affect you in more ways than one. Make sure you find a way to get stress out of your daily life.


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