Five Golden Rules

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Good health is necessary to happiness and success . When we are young and strong and have good health , we think little about it . We are often careless about our health and without thinking we spoil our health by bad habits and doing silly things .

It is only when we have lost our good health that we find that was one of god’s gifts to us . How can we keep our health ? It can be done by obeying five golden rules of health .

  • First we must eat only good , plain , wholesome food and just enough of it , not too much not too little . We must make it a point to eat three meals daily .We must eat breakfast like a king , dinner as a begger and lunch like an ordinary man .
  • Secondly we must breathe plenty of fresh air .
  • Thirdly we must have regular exercise . We must get it in outdoor games , atheletic sports , walking etc.
  • Fourth , we must have plenty of sleep on proper time . We must sleep for atleast eight hours in a day .
  • Fifth , we must do honest , regular and interesting work. So long as it is not too heavy will do much to keep us fit and healthy .

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