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All of us want to make their lives better, more comfortable and easier. We dream about a bigger house, new car and holidays on an exotic island almost every day.

But the biggest problem is that we do not stop dreaming and start action. All we do is dreaming.
If you want to be successful and accomplish what you dream of, dreaming alone will not do. You need to act and you need to act now.

You need to remember that if you want to achieve your goals you need to start working on them today. We like to say: “OK, I will do it, but tomorrow”. This attitude will not take you anywhere and you will never progress from where you are now.

Stop dreaming start action is what you should do at this very moment. After reading this article you should stand up and do what you have planned to do, but never got into it. Do not be afraid to try, do not be afraid of failure. Only those who do things fail. If you do not do anything you will never fail, but you will also not achieve what you dream of. Acting means failing sometimes, but you can learn from your failures and become even more successful. Do not give up, just follow your plan. Only losers give up and you are the born winner, we all are.

I used to dream myself as well. And I still do, but before it was all I was doing. I was lucky enough that once, when I was browsing through the internet, I noticed the slogan Stop dreaming start action. Joko Susilo, the person who came up with this great catchphrase told me exactly the same thing I am trying to tell you now: dreaming is good but if and only if it is followed by action.


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