How to live strong

In the book of psalms chapter one the bible topic is about fear,salvation and strength and how we can live strong.

One way to live strong is to know and proclaim who GOD is.

GOD is light and with the light of GOD it changes  those things in me that need to be changed.

God is also salvation and he done this by allowing JESUS to come down from heaven in the form of man to make the ultimate sacrifice for us so we can have eternal live with him in heaven.

GOD is strength for in psalms chapter sixty one and verse three the topic here is about GOD being a strong tower and a place of safety. A place of protection from whatever opposition  that may come against us in our day to day lives.

GOD gives us confidence to believe no matter what he is with us because in the book of Romans chapter eight verse thirty eight and thirty nine the topic here tell us that no matter what comes our way even if you die that even death will not separate us from GOD and the promise of eternal life through the forgiveness of sins by the blood of JESUS who died and arose again and sits on the right side of GOD making intercession for all sin.

It is because of the first sin of adam and eve that GOD had to kill a animal and shed blood to cover the first two humans with the skins of the animal. Now because of the blood shed of the animal GOD from that point required man to make sacrifices of blood for the forgivness for sins. Now when JESUS  died and shed his blood their was no more need for man to make sacrifices of blood for forgiveness of sin. Now JESUS is the only way to recieve forgiveness for sin and he is the only way to insure that you will have eternity in heaven.

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