Why some people always late ?

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Why some people are always late?

People always prefer to be punctual and they never want to be late for any thing. In other words generally they are inherently good. But, there are certain people, who are always late, for whom doing everything always late or in a belated way or manner has become habitual and it has become a way of their life and ingrained in them as a characteristic quality.

Though there are two types of factors that influence and determine their way of life, extraneous and personal, it is the latter that plays a predominant role in their characteristic quality of being late.

These people, being under the predominant influence of their personal character, care a fig, when they are prevented by extraneous factors like break down of their vehicles; any untoward incident that happens and prevents them from carrying out their routine affairs; thereby they allow things to get drifted away and take their own course. Such people also do not enjoy the good book of their employers and so they are always at their receiving end. Even if they offer actual and genuine reasons for being late, their employers do not believe them and so often pass strictures against them. Their character hampers their progress in their office as well as in their personal life.

In the case of such people, their personal factors play a predominant and decisive role in keeping them incorrigible.

Personal factors:

1)These people do not plan anything in advance; taking anything on their own course and face the consequences as and when they come. It is a kind of devil may care attitude.

2)These people have been reared and molded in such a way that they have not seen or had any role models to observe and follow, for being prompt and punctual. Hence, they have not learnt anything ‘punctuality’ as a virtue.They have become habitual in their characteristic way of doing anything late.

3)These people mostly lack the co-ordination between their mind and physical features. Even though their mind may be alert their physical characteristics do not keep pace with it.

4)These people are mostly obese and their constitution is hereditarily made up in such a way.Hence, these people always do things very slowly than the normal people, resulting in inordinate delay and being late..

5)These people are very lethargic, not serious in anything and always casual in their approach;hence they are lacking in sincerity, honesty and of course, punctuality.

6)The family background of these people also do not offer a conducive atmosphere to change these people’s incorrigible character. In fact, his character has played a predominant role in keeping his family members lethargic, slack and casual.

Therefore, the moot question that lies before us is whether these people can be mended, dealt with and the answer is in the affirmative. These people require psychological as well as physical treatment and above all they need counseling to instill in them, the necessity of remaining prompt and punctual, the disadvantages of being late, etc. However, it is an onerous task, because, such incorrigible people will take a very long time to mend themselves.


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