Manchester United 1984 Third Shirt

Classic-Sports Has a football shirt museum and is trying to show all the football kits from the biggest clubs around the world such as manchester united, Arsenal,Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Ac Milan, Juventus, Plus Many More from any league you can imagen!

This Manchester United Shirt 1984-86 Third Extremely rare and highly popular vintage design third shirt, as worn in the the season when the side famously won the FA Cup with victory over Everton!

Made By Adidas and sponsored by sharp

Players such as Robson, Strachan, McGrath, Moran & Whiteside all played a big part this season!! All of them went on with manchester united for more success. Robson became manager of middlesbough, westbrom, and Strachan has also been a successful manager with coventry & Glasgow Celtic winning the scottish premier league. He recently left celtic for a new challenge

Alex Ferguson First became manchester United’s Manager is 1986. After a slow start and much backing from the manchester united board he became a huge success. Since then he has become manchester united’s most successful manager dominating the premier league in the 90’s & 2000’s winning the champions league twice. He Has sold many high profile players but has always come back with new players. He recently accepted a £80 million pound offer from real madrid for christiano Ronaldo will this pay off? and can manchester united retain their title??

If you have a football collection and can take pics of your shirts please let us know and we will display them for you in our football museum! Must be original shirts Not Fake Or Remakes.

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