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Review of the News for June 23, 2009 – mostly Odd Stuff, Fairfax, New Zealand man gets stuck in clothes dryer – nude! A drunken Dave Chapman climbed into a heavy duty Hoover dry, looking for his under pants. Half of his body got struck halfway into the dryer, but not the part with clothes. To read more of what not to do when you need clothes, go to http://tinyurl.com/n9m7tw.

On a more serious, but still odd event, South Carolina governor disappears for days – over Fathers’ Day weekend. According to reports in the news, no one including his family – yes his wife – knew where he was.  As of this writing, the news noted that after four days, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford will cut short disappearance. Reportedly, he took a secretive Appalachian Trail hike. He’s due to return to work Wednesday after disclosure he’s been gone for four days without telling his staff, wife or state leaders.  The Republican governor did not speak with his staff since last Thursday. He left the state on a routine post legislative vacation to unwind? Read more here, may be you figure out what was going through his head:  http://tinyurl.com/naw66p.

 I review my pile of lottery tickets, the one’s that didn’t win – a story of a man who won twice in one week! Earl Fritz won the top prize of $777,777 in the instant game Super Lucky 7’s Georgia lottery. http://tinyurl.com/m4wxjd The week before he won $1000 to get him accustom to the big prize.  Back in 2007 Sandra Grant used one penny to rub a $20 scratch ticket that revealed a $10 million prize from the Massachusetts lottery. It’s believed to be the largest instant prize awarded in the history of all lotteries. http://tinyurl.com/naja62

Lastly, pictures of the girl that doesn’t age. http://tinyurl.com/n4fodn  Brooke Greenberg is the size of an infant, with the mental capacity of a toddler. She turned 16 in January. According to doctors in Tampa, FL, Brooke hasn’t aged in the conventional sense. http://tinyurl.com/kmyazj

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