The Big Vehicle Tracking Debate – Tracker Verses The Rest

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The general senses of opinion within the vehicle tracking industry is that the most effective method of tracking a stolen vehicle is via gps and gprs/gsm. Tracker of course, have strong opinions regarding this, as they are the only tracking company to employ the vhf technology as standard.  With the gps/gprs/gsm technology, companies such as Smartrack – Cobra Trak and Trackstar have the ability to pinpoint the stolen vehicle, whether in the UK or indeed throughout Europe and even parts of Russia. Tracker tend to use an older system of vhf radio waves, these rely on a police vehicle being in the vicinity (with their tracker unit switched on) unfortunately not every police vehicle is equipped with a tracker unit! Of course, there are other benefits with the gps gprs/gsm systems, selected models such as the Smartrack Trident and Cobra TrakQ Attivo have the ability for you to monitor your vehicle at home or work on a computer complete with street level mapping.

The other great debate is, how customer friendly are the tracking companies? It just so happens that all Smartrack – Cobra Trak and Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking systems can be removed from the vehicle you are selling and re-installed into your new vehicle. All Tracker stolen vehicle systems have to remain with the vehicle they were originally installed in.

The trend at the moment seems to be with Car Trackers being fitted to the used vehicle market. Especially those having the budget Tracker Retrieve fitted instead of a car alarm, with the retrieve being the cost effective option. We have decided to offer only the best tracker models from the top manufacturers in the market place, Smartrack – Cobra Trak – Trafficmaster and Tracker. They each have available unique models in their portfolio’s. Smartrack have the most to offer with their Protector Plus – Trident – Alert 24 Keyguard – Fleet Assist and the Utrack. The offerings from Cobra Trak are the Cobra TrakQ & the Cobra TrakQ Attivo. With select models from Tracker being the Tracker Retrieve budget model and the Tracker Monitor. Trafficmaster have the Trackstar, with options such as Smartnav navigation.

Here at Mobilezone Vehicle Tracking, we offer a national on site installation service to your place of work or home, the choice is yours.

The views expressed in this article are purely the views of the author and not the manufacturers mentioned above.

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