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            While I have thought of a hundred ways to write this I guess that I should tell it from my point of view. TLCs hit show John & Kate plus 8 announced that they were filing for divorce which for some of us is heartbreaking. No one wants to see people divorce. First of all I would like to take a shot at the tabloids for poking at the Gosselin’s when it’s none of their business. I am among the person who likes to hear about celebrity news but what the tabloids have done to the Gosselin’s makes me sick. Every couple in America struggles in one or another. I enjoy the show and seeing how a good couple has turned into the tabloid news. All day long yesterday they kept running the commercial about the episode that the accruement would be made. Most of us knew that the separation was coming but we still didn’t want to see it happen. I posted a comment on my Facebook page about praying for the Gosselin’s and people picked sides of who was right and who was wrong. If you watch the show you know we only get a small portion of their lives because the cameras aren’t always on. The show has labeled the family which is passing judgment on someone that we don’t know personally. We are all human and all have feelings. I didn’t want to see a sad ending because I feel like they had the fame and fortune get to them. Money changes people. As I sat on the couch and watched my heart was crushed when it came to the point of the announcement. I write this in hopes that the people who have judged what has happened to this couple understands that this could happen to anyone. Each marriage has issues whether it’s in front of a camera or not. I pray that the fences get mended and we see the couple get back to where they were before the cameras joined the picture. I have enjoyed watching the Gosselin children grow and how John and Kate have changed. The following is going to tell you what I saw as they gave their interview about the state of their relationship.

            They each sat in the interview chair telling the world of their marital status. It was a painful, sad moment. As John broke the news my heart sunk in heart break for them. John came across as rude during his announcement. He stated that he still loved his wife and this would be a new chapter in his life. As Kate she patted her chin, drying the tears, her life was being turned upside down. The sadness she felt was on the surface but she was trying to hold back the tears. Watching her broke my heart because she seemed to be on the receiving end of the news. In my eyes it seems that Kate didn’t have the option to save her marriage that John has already moved on. Hearing about the break downs and how life had been since the entire break down had happened. They both stated things in which gave us part of what was going on behind the scenes.

            This morning the news channels are reporting what happened on the show. It’s sad to see that their lives are scattered all over the news and they can’t live out their lives without people judging them. I believe that their lives changed when more people wanted to step in closer to their relationship and not staying back. Fame and fortune has also played a part in the reason that the relationship changed. People change over time whether on television or not. I am frustrated with the news and the tabloids. I think that John and Kate would still be if the cameras wouldn’t have come in. I pray that they find what they lost and they find their way back together because I enjoyed watching their relationship and seeing how couple deals with multiply children.

            Please understand that I wrote because I am a fan of the show and hopes that people will read this and understand that we have no right to point fingers when we don’t know the whole story. I know that people are going to say that I am wrong for what I feel but this is how I feel. Last night after watching the show I sat and thought long and hard about what people have said and it sparked this story. I cried after the show because I feel for them and their children. No one wants to see the children suffer. I am disappointed with TLC because I feel like they used the Gosselin’s for a ratings boost. Since the media has been all over them the show has become more popular but people have also started making uncalled for comments about the couple.

            I have a message for the people who are standing outside the house of the Gosselin’s: you need to move on to someone else. You got the story now let them be. Those children are going to remember these things and being made media attention. I feel for them and going through this stage of their lives. I would want the money but not the fame. We all have a past and it’s not anyone’s right to judge people.

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