Humor on Craigslist

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I love Craigslist. I get all of my humor or entertainment there. They are really a great company. With all of the news about them, they are even better. It’s kind of spooky too for little children to go there. If you’re an adult it’s ok. I saw one funny thing on Craigslist and those are the flagger. These are the people that are deeply affected by the recession and they are just sitting there waiting for jobs and flagging everything just for fun. I saw people respond to how much other have flag them. They post back a reply swearing back at the people who flag them.

These people that sit at home and flag have nothing better to do. They are on unemployment and they are flagging like mad crazy. They are flagging all the way. Every time you post something on Craigslist, just know that there is an unemployment team sitting at home waiitng to flag you. They will flag you. They will flag you daily. If you’re posting for a date. Ehh, they will flag you for posting your nude photo on there. If you’re posting for massage services, they will flag you for human trafficking activities. there are these people that have nothing better to do and they will sit at home and flag everything that you do.

I was browsing through Craigslist again and this time I saw some more funny ads. You just can’t get enough of Craigslist. I went through the massage section and there were hundreds of women posting for massage services. I did notice a change this time and that was how the ads have no money requirement. Several months ago, it was with charges. For example, thirty minutes is $100 or 1 hour is $200. This time there was no price listing. I think Craigslist removed all of them after media explosion about his website and human trafficking activities on there.

I walked through the section and I saw a lot of postings from women all over the world. I noticed that the most beautiful women were in Shanghai. I think Shanghai and Las Vegas are two sections that are full of call girls. I couldn’t believe how conceited some of these women are. They would put a title like, “ best in the state.” I would never have the courage to call myself best in the state. They call themselves classic, intelligent, doll but yet they are posting as a call girl on Craigslist. What a controversy? If you’re intelligent, classy, you wouldn’t post your nude photo with your behind hanging for everyone to see. If you’re intelligent, you would probably have a normal job. I noticed that they have very high self esteem too. They would say things like, “ I’m a doll, luxurious, one of a kind, intelligent, like you have never seen.” Oh boy. I wouldn’t be able to say all of these things about myself even if I was all of those things. They sure have the nerves, those call girls.


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