How to stay cool during the summer time

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The heat can make you sick and agitated. People work better when they are in a cool place. I was in a hot room for days and I can tell the difference when I’m in a cooler room. I was agitated when I was in the hot room. I couldn’t do my work. I was angry and uncomfortable. I felt so much better when I was out in a cooler area. The heat is not good for people that are heat sensitive. They can get a condition called heat stroke. They can pass out and may even need medical attention. The summer time is here you should learn to keep yourself cool. You can do that by staying indoor more or turn on your air conditioner. If you stay out of the heat and drink plenty of water then you will do fine in the summer.
Stay out of the sun

If you are heat sensitive, you can stay out of the sun. It’s really hot out in the sun. You can hide indoor and avoid sun bathing or walking around when the sun is up.
Drink plenty of water

You can drink plenty of water to keep yourself cool. Water can keep your from being dehydrated. Water is essential and it’s very helpful during the summer. Water will cool down your internal system.
Turn on the air conditioner

You can turn on the air conditioner in your home to make your home cooler. You can turn on the fan too. You can wear light clothing around the house to keep cool. You should not wear long pants or long shirts around the house.
Wear light clothing

Light colors clothing will reflect the sun away. You should wear light clothing so that you won’t absorb heat. Heat can make you really sick during the summer.
Use water spray bottle

You can buy a spray bottle from the store and spray yourself at home or when you’re out in the sun. Spraying yourself with water can help you cool down. You can fill up the bottle with water and bring it with you wherever you go.

Wear a hat


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