How to improve your writing skills for the internet

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If you want to write for websites on line, you have to learn about their editorial guidelines and follow them. If you don’t follow their guidelines, you might not get published or they may take down your articles. Each website has their own editorial guidelines and you should read it and follow it. There are some websites that have higher standards than others. One website that is very difficult to write for is Associated Content. They hardly publish anything unless you have everything correct. A lot of writers would quit AC because they won’t publish their work. They have the automatic posting option but the editors will remove articles from time to time which is very frustrating. AC is one of those places that you might not want to write for if you’re a beginner because you will be very frustrated when they reject your articles. Each site has their own editorial guidelines and you should follow it. There are things that are prohibited on the site like articles that are illegal, pornographic, vulgar, and abusive. If your articles have those elements, they will take it down or refuse to publish it. This is why people are wondering why their articles about gambling are rejected. They have to follow rules from their advertisers too like Google’s advertising service. Google prohibits anything that is illegal, pornographic, offensive, abusive, vulgar, or contain hate messages toward another group. If your articles have any of those topics, it will be rejected for sure. All of the websites online uses Google adsense so they have to follow Google’s rules. If you want to get your articles published, you have to stay away from those topics.

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is articles quality. The editors might not publish your articles if there are grammar and spelling problems. You have to run a check on your word program before you publish it. It’s best to proof read out loud so you can correct any mistakes before you publish it. If there are problems they will reject it . You should take the time to proof read your articles before you submit it. I looked around and I do see articles that have grammar and spelling problems. Every website I looked at I see those articles. The editors take them down for those mistakes. If you want to keep your articles you have to correct those problems. If you don’t know how to fix it, you can put it in the forum and have other writers fix it for you. A lot of writers will fix your articles if you ask for help. You should take the time to learn proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation. If you can’t get it perfect, you can at least get all the basic stuff right. Besides those things, you can learn to be more organized with your articles. Your artifices have to be clear and coherent. People have to be able to understand your thoughts and expression. An articles have a beginning, a body, and a conclusion. You should organize it so that an introduction sounds like an introduction and an ending sounds like an ending. You should not wander off and stay focused with each paragraph. Each paragraph should contain one relevant idea. Once you’re done with one paragraph, you can move on to the next one. You should not mix ideas within one paragraph. This is called organization and structure.

Grammar and sentence structures are very important too. You should know the basic rules. One of the rules is to have a complete sentence and don’t write a fragment and leave it without fixing it. I see fragments all the time. You have to have a complete thought in a sentence. You can’t begin a sentence with a preposition because it will become a fragment. If you start a sentence with the word “because, of, but, and, or” it will become a fragment and you can’t start a sentence with these prepositions because it’s not a rule in English writing. It looks and sound awkward. You should make sure that you don’t have run on sentences. You can fix it by adding the word and or but. You should not have incorrect punctuation either. Every sentence needs a period and every sentence needs a question mark if it’s a question. You should avoid using the exclamation mark since it’s not common in formal writing. You should avoid using slang too. For example, you should avoid slang like ” for real though, you know what I mean.” These slang and other slang should not be use in formal writing. When you’re writing for the Internet, the website want more formal articles than casual articles. If your articles are formal, they will publish it and not remove it. If it’s like a blog, they might remove it. You should try to write in a formal one.


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