Las Vegas during the summer time

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It’s hot in Vegas during the summer time. It’s one of those seasons that you should avoid traveling to Vegas. The weather can get as hot as 100F. You can only stay indoor because it’s really hot outside. You can still travel if you have the time but it’s really hot and uncomfortable. You can feel the heat on your skin when you’re walking down the street. It’s possible to walk out to the street during the night time. It’s cooler during the night time. During the day time, you can hide indoor and do things indoor. When you’re here for the summer, you should dress light so you won’t be hot.

It’s best that you have water with you at all time to drink so that you don’t get dehydrated. You can get dehydrated if you don’t drink enough. Food and water here are very expensive inside the casino or hotel. It’s best that you buy them from a grocery store when you get here and then put them in your hotel room. A water bottle can cost you around $6 inside a casino. They charge really high in the casino for every little thing. This is why you should bring snacks and water with you on the trip. Once you arrrived in Vegas, you can stop by a grocery store nearby and grab drinks and snacks for later. This will save you a lot of money. Can you imagine
paying for 10 bottles of water at $6 each? If you have to buy it for five days, you are paying $500 at least for water. Dining is expensive unless it’s at a buffet. You only have to pay around $30 for a buffet but you can eat anything that you wanted. If you go to a private restaurant, you will be paying anywhere from $10 for a small pizza to $10 for a salad.

It can be costly at a casino. If you’re going to be shopping, you should avoid buying anything inside a casino. The merchandise is overpriced and it cost too much to buy inside the casino. You can stop by malls that are near the strip. Business owners have to pay around $15,000-$20,000 per month for space rent and they can’t charge you less. They have a lot of overhead. This is why you should not shop inside a casino. You should go somewhere else. You can play on the floor because it’s affordable but merchandise can be too expensive. What you should wear for the summer? You should wear comfortable light colored clothing. You can wear shorts, tank tops, sunglasses, white colors, slippers, hats and light clothing. You need to keep cool. You don’t need a jacket during the summer time. It gets really hot around here during the summer. You can also use sunscreen to block the sun away


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