the cheapest way to fix a leaking faucet

  1. Step 1

    go to your local hardware store and try to find a replacement gasket kit for the manufacturer of your faucet and if you cant find the make, than a universal gasket kit for FAUCET’S.

  2. Step 2
    ruff look of a standard faucet

    first turn of the water on the shutoff valve underneath the sink or faucet to make sure water is off.(if valve are broken and water does not shut of then turn off water on main)remove the handles on your faucet.if you can not see any screws on your handle use a small screwdriver and pry off hot and cold plugs.underneath those usually is the screw that is holding down the handles.

  3. Step 3
    exaple ,yuors might look different.

    remove handles and take your adjustable wrench and unscrew the valve out of the faucet will find a hex nut looking top underneath the handle which you will turn clockwise to unscrew stem valve(see exaple picture.)

  4. Step 4
    here another example but on top here you see the gasket

    after unscrewing the valve turn it upside down and see whether it has a phillips head screw holding a rubber washer down.unscrew the screw and take of the rubber washer/gasket and replace it with one out of the purchased kit , making sure that the new gasket is not any smaller than the old one.screw down the gasket with the screw you unscrewed before and place valve back into its original location.screw down tightly but not to tight.always be gentle with your tool

  5. Step 5

    do the same with the other valve and than screw handles back water supply and open and close your faucet.make sure not to over tighten the handles when shutting off water on faucet since it will just destroy the gasket rather sooner than later

Tips & Warnings

  • if you unscrewed the valve and it does not have any of my before mentioned parts,take it to your local hardware store and have them give you a is still cheaper than a plumber or a new one.gasket kit runs usually about 5 to 6 bucks and a faucet from 10 to 100 bucks and the plumber priceless

  • do not attempt to unscrew the valve if water is still turned on,or if you are absolutely incapable of using tools

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