Commodore64 app finished, denied by Apple


If you’re hoping to see a few text-filled blue screens or play a few games that have reached the American legal drinking age on your iPhone, you’re going to have to wait — perhaps indefinitely. Mobile developer Manomio (of iPhone Flashback fame), together with Danish studio Kiloo Aps have crafted an eerily accurate simulacrum of the keyboard-equipped hardware on Apple’s cellular device — unfortunately, their submission of the app was recently shot down by the fruit-themed hardware juggernaut.

The legally licensed project (which has been in development for over a year) was denied due to a clause in the iPhone SDK agreement which states, “an Application may not itself install or launch other executable code by any means.” As the program would allow users to “boot” C64 disks, it violates this clause — then again, as mobile gaming news site Touch Arcade points out, a few iPhone apps do the same thing, such as Frotz, an app which loads and runs interactive novels. So this might let them get by with making this app.

Will the Commodore rise again? Or will the man continue to keep it down? We hope that apple will let us see this app happen. It isn’t illegal after all since they must obtain the licenses from the gaming company. For the time, while we wait, we can play those games that apple constantly releases every day. They are cheap, most of them are boring, and they seem to sell so much. Only time will tell if we get this app.

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