Top Five Tips to Consolidate Customer Services

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Top Five Tips to Consolidate Customer Services

The people’s aspect of a service company is most essential which always require a great commitment. After spending two years in customer services, I feel the buzz to write on customer services and share essential tips for consolidating the business. The little things in customer service sector which can make a difference and will always provide a competitive edge to a company.

1.Training the customer service associates about the company: It is the most important thing which still the companies don’t take it seriously and are dependent on professionals’ enthusiasm to learn. This is an important factor responsible for delivering quality service, which is high in demand. As we all know that the” First impression is the last impression,” which is very true in customer service sector.

I remember when I was hired as a customer service associate, I was told to start taking phone calls by team leader without having knowledge of companies operations. Customers expect immediate response to their queries especially when they are having conversation on chargeable phone number, which is not an easy task for new starters trying hard to get someone to help them in fast paced environment resulting in bad word of mouth. If they had trained me before I started taking phone calls, it wouldn’t have happened. I would recommend that when hiring the customer service associates don’t take chances to create bad impression, as they are the first point of developing brand image.

2. Measures for handling upset customers: Interacting with customers politely is most common aspect of customer services which everybody knows, but handling upset or tough customers is a specialized skill. Tackling upset customers’ demands a lot of patience for customer service associates to build, this requires support from companies to handle at operational and interpersonal level as well. It becomes crucial for companies to monitor the number of upset customers causing due to lack of other aspects of business like problem of delivery on time or inefficiency of certain equipment and come with solutions to train customer service associates in order to keep the retention rate high.

3. Preparing for the Organizational change: The importance of communicating organizational change relating to merger, technical changes or any other change shouldn’t be neglected. Customer service associates should be well trained, so that they can adapt to new environment quickly. The change implementation plan should be well designed covering all the aspects and it has possible outcomes. When applying change, it should enlist not only technical aspect, but also behavioral aspects related to it, which will give a platform or support for adapting to changed environment.

4. Seeking the Feedback/Suggestions: Talking with customers often requires facing different situations which can give an exciting opportunity to come with solution. Accounting the opinion of customer service associates will increase the confidence in them and will boost the company’s ability to work efficiently in fast paced environment. It is the natural way to let them feel that their opinion matters and they are important for the organization.

5. Recognizing and awarding the talent: This step is very important motivational factor which helps an organization to retain the talent and utilize the skills to its full extent which has long-term benefits. I remember when I was nominated as employee of the month for the first time. It was an inspirational and motivating factor for me to become an important asset for the organization. I felt the importance of going an extra mile for customers and its rewarding benefits.


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