Charity works

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Charity works is doing something for the benefit of others. It simply a means of sharing unconditionally on what you have whom you think is worthy and in need of it. In the common sense, charity works are  done for less fortunate people.

Well, I’d like to share this event in my life that I consider it to be my most charitable works that I have done in my 20 years of living in this world.

It was back then in my high school years. Every year our school conducts a charity program for less fortunate people which only from the specific location we have selected to share some of somethings we have. I and my schoolmates donated used clothes and canned goods which for the purpose of giving those families we should be giving of. It’s the least thing we could give. However, it doesn’t count on how small or big you have shared but as long as it comes from the heart. Besides, small things almost means a big thing.

What’s fun in this program is that we, the students, as well as the school officers are in-charged of organizing this program. We have given them free check-ups, free food, free packed clothes and goods, and most of all free of love and exchanging of smiles to them. It was really fun and it feels so good inside that you were able to make people happy even for just a day. The time we were dsitributing the packed clothes and goods, I’ve seen in their eyes how they were so excited and so much lucky of recieving for free and something that they could only have once in a while or something that they never really ever had. Thereon I realized, “when you see what others lack in their life, there you can only reflect the important of things you took for granted and how you were lucky enough.”


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