Change of Attitude – 4

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Its ok with me as you say. I am ready to do almost anything to make both ends meet Sir.” Again he said referring to the landlord”s small kid while the landlord thought otherwise.
“But I won”t allow you so. You should work here as a gardener. I have some other people here to look after other things. And yes, you will be paid only after I am satisfied with your work.” “So be it, Sir.”
“And start your work from tomorrow. But first now, take a look at my spacious garden, and all the other things that you will need for your work. Good luck, my good man. See you tomorrow.”
So saying the landlord left for his work giving him ample time to plan his ”mission.” He roamed the spacious bunglow fearlessly, observing from where, and how he can run away with the kid. He also planned his escape by monitoring the surroundings of the vast bunglow. Not only this, he had also kept his excuses ready in case he got caught. The bunglow was really a spacious one, with high rising compound walls. There was big and sprawling lawns for the kids to play. Almost all types of flowring plants and large mango trees. Mango trees in the campus itself. All the family members, especially, the kid loved mangos a lot. It didn”t seem to be easy to take away anything without the owner”s permission, and also without anyone noticing it.
To add to his worry there was a guard always on stand at the main entrance. And the gates there could be moved only by elephants, it seemed. How could he carry out his wicked plans in such a situation? Days passed. He had long started attending his work dutifully. Come rain or shine, he worked. Afterall it was a matter of winning the landlord”s confidence. He had befriended the guards with his sweet talks. He talked in such a matter that no one got any idea that something was fishy with him.


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