Change of Attitude – 3

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In came this so-called poor and nice fellow.
As he entered the spacious mansion he was spellbound to see the wealth and the riches of the landlord. He dreamt of asking for a big big ransom to free the wealthy landlord”s kid. “Come in. Come here my poor man. What brings you here?”
He did not reply and kept gazing around in disbelief. Because he had never before seen such a bungalow before.
“Hello young man, lost in your own world?”
The landlord spoke quite well to him, trying to make him comfortable.
“Well, not really.”
He said giving an uncomfortable smile.
“If you are searching for a job then….”
?…. That?s right Sir, my search of a job brings me here.” He tried to act as honest and humble as he could.
“Either way I have to pay any other man. I may better pay you. You are a wee bit familiar to me. Ok now tell me, what job can you do for me?”
“Almost anything, Sir. Afterall I need to make both ends meet.”
“Oh you do seem to be quite a character to me. Being philosophical at times. I love philosophy.”
“Its after all the need to make ends meet, as I said earlier.”
“And that drives man to commit anything, right?”
He was startled to hear that.
“Yes, Master you are right. This world is a risky place. You can”t read people around you…” “A man standing in front of me too can betray me.”
And the poor man started sweating after hearing this from the landlord.
“Well…er…ah… I think you will be telling me about my new job!” He tried to change the topic. “Yeah yeah. Good you reminded me of this. I am becoming forgetful by the day. See, I don”t know what work you expect of me, but you see the plight of my beautiful garden (He said while pointing around). I want you to look after these tender plants and these attractive saplings, which one-day will grow into eye-pleasing flora.”
“It would be so kind of you to let me offer you my services. I can serve even your little kid.” He said with an evil attitude. And again he started dreaming about the future. The kidnapping ghost had possessed him so much that he didn”t even notice that a good job was being offered to him and that he should not indulge himself in any sort of heinous crimes.


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