Change of Attitude – 2

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”I would steal kids and small children. Yes, I would steal babies too. They would make me a great income. They will be my pay chaques. But doing such things would not keep me in the good books of God. Then what do I do? But if I become a beggar… What a beggar? And me?” He found the idea somewhat strange. ”I begged all my life. I begged for a job, I begged for money, I begged for mercy, I begged for my rightful money, I begged for…” And suddenly becoming more determined not to beg even once in his life again. ”I would rather become a burglar, a thief, a pickpocket, a housebreaker, but not a beggar. Because a helpless, weak, feeble, man is always neglected by the world. And after all, might is right, isn”t it?” And the day, which was his birthday, which was meant to give and share happiness, turned out to be the darkest day of his life.
He undertook his ”mission” right at the moment, there itself, and chalked out a foolproof plan for himself. He knew of a wealthy landlord who lived at the end of the road. He decided that the landlord would be his first target. So thinking he started in the direction where he would commit his first crime. He then stood in front of the big gates of the landlord”s big mansion. He knew he was going to be accosted by the guards there. So he had his excuses ready for him.
“Where do you think you are going?”
One of the guards commanded.
“Of course, to see our master.”
” ”Our” master! Since when has he become yours too?”
“Still he is not. But soon he will be. I heard that he is looking for someone as a domestic help.”
“What you heard is right. But seeing the master is not that easy. You will have to wait right here till we get the orders to call you in.”
“All right. All right. I will wait here.”
Soon it was time for the landlord to come out in the garden. He was served with his breakfast and told about the poor man who was looking for a job there. “Send him in.” Ordered the kind-hearted landlord. The landlord was rich, no doubt, but he was equally kind at heart. He was well aware of what poverty was and generally would not let go any poor man empty handed.


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