Change of Attitude – 1

Long long ago, there lived a poor man. He was poor to the core. He literally had to just drink water and go to bed on some occasions in spite of working hard and honestly. He thought, did not get his due. So he was quite frustrated with life. By and by his belief from honesty, goodness, humanity was dissolving. Due to all this he remained unmarried, as no one was willing to give him his daughter. And to add to this, his job was the mercy of his boss. And this is why he couldn’t make both ends meet properly. One fine morning, he was getting ready to go for work.
He was especially happy on that day because it happened to be his birthday. And he had drawn some special plans for himself. He wanted to make his birthday a memorable one. He set out for his work in high spirits. Day-dreaming on the way, he finally reached his workplace. And soon his tender dreams came down crashing. Because, he came to know that he had lost his work for some days. As his boss no longer needed his services. He was fired without any notice. Not only he, but there were many others sailing in the same boat as he was. And at that very moment he took an extreme step. It was just one incident away that was from turning him into a villain, as he was already frustrated. He was cursing his own fate. “I worked so honestly and still got fired!
Really what I got? I was paid like this, uh? ” The emotions of the moment got the better of a virtuous man and he took a drastic decision – he would steal to keep himself alive. ‘But I would steal what? There are a whole lot of things around to be stolen. Jewelry, money, valuable…! No. I would not steal all such rubbish things. Such things, which people think they will let go if the situation demands. Then what? Ah yesssss.’ Something struck him. And his face told the story of his new idea.

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