What do we really mean when we say ‘I’m Sorry’?

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1. You are in a crowded place and someone accidentally stepped on your foot.

You say: I’m Sorry (with eyes rolling, shoulders shrugging)

What you really mean:

  • Get out of my way.  That was your fault.
  • Walk faster; I’m in a hurry, Ok!!!
  • It’s not my fault; the guy at the back pushed me (pointing a finger to the other   guy)

2. You are to have a meeting or a date and you came in late.

You say: I’m sorry I’m late.

What you really mean:

  • Oh come on!  You know it’s traffic on a Monday
  • Hey! I’m the boss; I’ll come in whatever time I want to.
  • I just woke up.  Can’t you see?  My hair is still wet.

3. Your girlfriend caught you texting a number not saved on your phonebook.

You say: I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you, my sister changed her phone number.

What you really mean:

  • Give me two months; I’ll be replacing you soon.
  • I’m sick and tired of your nagging!
  • Patience, patience, I’m still with you ‘coz I need your cash.

4. You failed you exams

You say: I’m sorry I tried my best.

What you really mean:

Why don’t you study my lessons instead?  You     picked this anyway.

  • Please let me quit school.
  • Leave me alone!

5.  You work in a call center and here you are talking to this irate customer, who is demanding impossibility.

You say:  I’m really sorry to inform you that you suggestion is not option at the moment.

What you mean:

  • Hey, why don’t you set-up you own company so you can set your own rules?
  • It’s my end of shift, faster dude!

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