Easy entertaining

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Organizing parties is not that easy to-do so. So, here’s some tips for that:

  • Make to do list several days before a party. Prepare invites and send them out well before the actual event. Include a number of guest can call to confirm their attendance. Knowing how many people are attending (as well as knowing how much food to prepare) can significantly lower you stress level.
  •  Having a theme for your party can help out things in perspective. If you’re not the creative type, hire a florist or a decorator to help you decide on your décor and dinnerware, and a caterer to help plans the menu. If you’re planning on preparing the meals yourself, stick to tried-and-tested recipes and as much cooking as possible before hand so you can sit down and enjoy the party. If you’re having a sit-down dinner, it would be a good idea to set the table the night before.
  • Centerpiece and ambiance to any event. Fresh flowers are always nice but be creative with items around the house, like small figurines, shells, candles, and pebbles. You can set them on wide dishes filled with sand or containers filled with water—the possibilities are endless! Just remember that centerpieces should be low enough so as not to obstruct conversation across a dinner table.
  • Exercise caution and get creative when child proofing your space for the holidays. Keep décor like garlands and ribbons, strands of lights and fragile glass ornaments out of reach of small children. For dinner, set up a separate table for the kids, cover with paper and provide crayons for a mealtime they won’t forget!
  • Instead of trying to impress you guests, make them feel comfortable instead. Informal dinners are more laid-back and relaxed. A big trend nowadays is the buffet dinner where guest serve themselves. Provide visual interest by using taller centerpieces and setting your food on a variety of cake stands and platters. Place silverware and napkins and silverware on the other.

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