HOW TO AVOID WRITERS BLOCK – the three quick ways

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As a writer, you knew how difficult writing can be sometimes. You will discover that the urges to go on just disappear. It’s like losing an appetite for food. And when that comes, you find yourself in total distress within your mind. Often, you can end up blaming this on yourself.

There are so many remedies out there with different method suggested. I am not going to expand further on them because I have tried them and realized that not all of them work for me. There is these three ways that work wonderfully for me. They cure the writer’s block so fast that I don’t think I experience it anymore.

1)      BLOGGING:  

  • Create THREE blogs at once. You can choose from any of blog providers; they are free.
  • If you are not before, get interested in what goes on around you. Study people; see your environment from another point of view. Notice little incidents happening in your world such as a man falling from his bicycle, a couple arguing in the supermarket, your neighbour’s dog digging a hole near your doorstep, your uncle sending him an usual letter to his boss, etc. These are more like gossip in some way but you will need lots of them to keep your blog functioning.
  • Wait, DO NOT PAY TO BLOG! The objective here is for you to get rid of your writer’s block. It makes no sense when you have to pay an operator before he can allow you to get on his blog. If you are confused, opt for Livejournal, blogger, or WordPress. They are free for you.
  • Why THREE BLOGS? It is sort of an exercise. Make sure each of the blog stands for different topic. For instance, Blog A is KNITTING; Blog B is FARMING while Blog C is HOW TO USE THE MAC.  Do not choose the topics that you are not interested in or you have no idea about their subjects.  I have seven blogs and each of them contains different subjects.
  • When blogging, you must choose the date or day convenient for you. Some bloggers enjoy updating their blogs every day. Some prefer twice a week, some once a week and there are some who update just once a month. In your own need to cure the block, I suggest blog daily or twice a week as the most suitable. It gets your mind focus on writing because you knew that you have the duty to update those three blogs and that gets you to work.

Wait, aren’t you excited already about getting start on blogging?

2)      NETWORKS

  • Facebook: This is one of the online communities. Believe me, FB, that’s the short for it that its users call it when addressing their friends. Facebook gets you involved. How can you network without writing few words?

Let’s look at this closer; you have about 20friends already on your FB networks and one-by-one they start emailing you. You will be forced to reply. Of course you don’t have to but this is what FB is all about. You cannot keep quiet or try to ignore their mails.

Another fast remedy that I love so much on FB is that someone in your network can raise a topic, and decide to contribute. Before you know it,

  • Twitter:       You have short space to express your thoughts. Doing this only daily helps reenergises your writing skills. The more you update, the more you have followers, wanting to be with you. You won’t avoid updating when you have gotten about 70 followers or more in your networks.
  • MySpace: this network is like FB but it has different aspect. There is My Space music specifically for the music artists and there is the normal MySpace for everyday use.

3)    TOKONI

Have you ever heard this name before? The sound of it as you pronounce it might be funny to you. You have to realise that you CANNOT BE BORED with Tokoni!

So what is this Tokoni all about? It is simply a network like FB, and others BUT with a difference!

Tokoni is the suitable writers block healer. Try it! Get register and start writing your story. It may be life story or whatever you have in mind BUT with Tokoni, you will LOVE writing everyday!

Visit my Tokoni profile by typing my full name in the Tokoni search engine. Do not hesitate to check other profiles on the site. I am sure you will be glad you did.

 We have come to the end of the three quick ways to avoid Writer’s Block. I hope you love this article and you will equally put to practise all that you read from here.

 I wish you profound success in your writing career!


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