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Have you tried organizing a trading in your own place or yard?  I have a tip for you all guys. So here’s how?

  • Keep your guest list down to 12 or less. More than and your risk ending up with a rowdy, clothes-mad mob.
  • Ask guest to sort their items out according to category (dresses, tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, accessories). You may want to put out baskets and bins so items aren’t scattered on the floor.
  •  Auction or free-for-all? You can either ask each guest to describe their items and those interested can raised their hands to signify interest. Remember, no money changes hands here. Is more that one person interested, each one can try the item on and model it for the rest of the group? Non-interested parties votes on who gets the item. But if you know for sure that no one will lose an eye, then by through the items. Further clothes swapping can take place between individuals.
  • Remember that the most important things are to have fun! Don’t throw a tantrum if you don’t get what you want. It is pointless and silly to have a cat-fight over someone else’s cast offs. Something better will come along for you.
  • What happens to the items that haven’t found new owners? You can either ask each guest to take back what they brought, or bag them all up and donate them to charity.

Hope that this advice can give you ll guys of some good help, if you want to-do trading in you place. Good Luck!


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