Flower Power

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  • Always create something that is appropriate. Know for whom the arrangement is, for what occasion, where is it going to be placed, and what materials you have on hand. And make use of what is available or in occasion.
  • Revive flowers before arranging them. Some flower species need to breathe—they need their air. Take your lily, Casablanca, or Stargazer out of the box. After a few minutes, cut a small portion of the stems, and then dip it into hot water. Do this especially for flowers that love been in transit for long time.
  • Fill your glass vases with just one inch of water. This way, only one inch of the stem will rot. On the third day. Take out your flower and empty your vase. Clean it with soap or bleach, and then fill it again with just one inch of water. Cut the rotten part of the stem diagonally before putting it back into the vase. Cut you stem under water, since the water itself seals the cut.
  • If you want to have fresh flowers that would last longer, use orchids. When using hydrangeas, take out the sepals or the brown pollen because it stains your clothes and your hands and instead go for the ones with a matte finish. And pick those with the same silhouettes.
  • Stay away from the too colorful flowers because they scream fake! Instead, go for neutrals, pastels, and green because they look fresh and more realistic.
  • Use flowers that resemble the flora of your region or locale. In our case, tropical flowers. If not the arrangement will look awkward and unbelievable.
  • Buy fake flowers that are washable like the ones made of rubber. Stay away from silk flowers as they tatter, unravel, and fray with age.

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