Apple iphone3G NEWEST OS 3.0

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Now it’s here, just on the palm of your hands. The NEWEST OS for Apple Iphone 3G! It’s called OS 3.o, and now I’ll let you know the details of this newest-trendiest for some- from Apple. It’s got features and apps that would make you ga-ga.

The new iPhone OS 3.0 adds over a hundred new features including—at friggin’—cut and paste. Here’s how it works: When you double-tap over text, you will get a “cut, copy, and paste” bubble dialog. Double-tap again and a “paste” bubble will appear if there’s anything stored in your clipboard. That’s not all, you can also copy and paste photos. Now you will be able to select  photos by tapping the action button, copy them, and paste them in an email, voila, ready to send.

Apple’s newest product let’s you search in mail, ipod and in calendar. These Apple applications have specific search interfaces. The search in Mail doesn’t support the message content yet, but it supports searching in IMAP servers—that gives you an ample time than logging into Gmail.

Thetering. If you are familiar to a camera connected to a laptop, then that’s thetering. But in other way, your iphone connected to your laptop instead, it serves as the modem  to access you to the internet.

Now, a much better keyboard. Apple has added the landscape keyboard mode to other applications, like Mail, SMS, and Notes.

Yes, it is also in here, MMS! A big one to send rich content to people without mail-enabled telephones. The MMS function will allow you to include everything, from images to sound to vcards (no word on video, however.)

So, there you go. Apple iphone at it’s best!


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